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After 20 years of making "Big Box" retailers rich I decided it was time to take my experience and open my own doors to my own dreams. Working in over 16 marketplace states and 20 industries I have gained a wealth of application execution. Actively serving customers who want to scale their business and unmask sales potential to serve existing and new customers.

Some of the services we provide:

Strategic Planning

  • Business evaluation

  • Organizational readiness

  • Evaluate efficiency of business models

Operational metrics

  • SWOT analysis

  • Internal audit of metrics

  • Right people Right position

  • Shortage and Asset Protection evaluation


  • Work with business existing for 0-2 years

  • Examine current business identity

  • Uncover scaling potential

  • Review mission, vision, and values for current marketplace needs

We engage small and medium size enterprises toward sustainability. 

Call today for complimentary consultation.

Services are available on a project basis or by engagement on a monthly retainer.

Fee subject for project scope and contract terms

Grow Your Business


Achieve your goals

It’s been 3 months since our fallen brother Nipsey Hussle died. However in his death he left an Entrepreneur Blueprint that we can follow. So many now understand the power of ownership in our community. It is refreshing to see business owners from all walks of industry grasp the essential business CEO mindset.

Review his blueprint and improve your business model.



May his energy inspire you to legitimize the Hussle.

Cheering for you,


Achieve Your Goals



How do you pronounce Ecwid? What does this word mean? "Ecwid" is short for e-commerce widgets. It is pronounced like "eck-wid", "eck-quid". Ecwid is a web hosted solution for building an online store. Unlike competing products such as Shopify, Bigcommerce and Volusion, which allow you to build a new website with e-commerce functionality, Ecwid is geared more towards people who already have a website and simply want to add an online store to it.


Ecwid allows you to set up ‘catalogs’ of products, and add photos, pricing, weight etc. for each. You can define shipping rates, accept credit card payments and so on – all the standard stuff that you’d expect to be able to do using an e-commerce solution. Where it differs fundamentally from competing products like Shopify, Volusion, Squarespace and Bigcommerce is that it is not a 'standalone' solution but a \

widget that gets placed on other sites – (hence the name Ecwid: it stands for ‘E-commerce Widget’).


FREE PLAN Unlike many similar products, Ecwid offers a completely free plan. Granted, it's a pretty basic plan, where features such as discount coupons and support are not available, and it only allows you to sell up to 10 products - but this may actually be sufficient for some users, and availing of it is a good way to try the system out.



· Simple way to add e-commerce to any existing website

· Responsive designs

· Point-of-sale functionality

· Free plan available

· Supports multi-language versions of your store


· You will need to spend a little time configuring Ecwid so that it functions well from an SEO point of view

· Phone and live chat support is only available on the more expensive plans


Be in touch today — and start your business on a path to success.

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